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Los Angeles Premises Liability FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "premises liability"?

Premises liability refers to the liability, or legal responsibility, of a property owner in regard to accidents or injuries that occur on his or her property grounds. California property owners and managers have the obligation to ensure their premises are reasonably free from hazardous conditions which may cause injury to lawful visitors or customers. A failure to properly maintain or repair property grounds may result in serious injuries due to slip and fall accidents or similar situations.

What types of incidents may be covered under a premises liability claim?

The most common type of premises liability claim is that involving a slip and fall or trip and fall. Additional causes of these types of cases may include attacks or assaults due to negligent security, dog bites, daycare negligence, accidents at amusement parks, construction site accidents, retail store injuries, or injuries from bouncers or security personnel.

How do I know if the property owner is responsible?

For a property owner to be held responsible, it must be proven that he or she was negligent in some way: that is, acted without exercising reasonable caution or care in the circumstances. The victim would also have to be a lawful visitor to the site and should have been acting with reasonable caution.

What is my claim worth?

All premises liability claims are different. The value of your particular claim may vary depending on the extent of injury you suffered, what impact this has had on your life, and whether you were at all responsible for the incident. A premises liability lawyer at our firm can meet with you to talk about the potential value of your claim.

What will it cost to work with an attorney?

At Accident Lawyers, your initial consultation is free, and you pay no legal fees unless we recover a settlement or jury award on your behalf. Our fees are typically a predetermined percentage of your financial recovery.

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